Create a website to share important contact information.
Important Phone Numbers
by Websheet
Use this spreadsheet template to create a website – just To get started, You will need to install our plugin and click on Copy Spreadsheet.
Manage your contacts from the comfort of a spreadsheet.
Design a website to share important numbers and contact details with your clients, friends, and community. Split them up into different categories on your own highly-responsive website.
Add Categories
Put your contacts and details into different categories with images and named filters.
Add Phone, Email, and Website Details
For each item, add up to two pieces of contact information.
Collaborate with Others
Share your spreadsheet with others to work on posts together, and discuss via the Google comments function.
Track All Changes
Your spreadsheet tracks every change made. You can use "Version History" to take a look at who changed what.
Customize Everything
Change the name, switch up the design, play around with the layout, build new features – you're in control!
Share Your Site
Send your contact directory with anyone who needs it – just share the link with your contacts and customers!
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